The Fasted Athlete Lifestyle


Build yourself, lift your team. That’s our motto. Fasted Athlete has set out to change the “why” behind personal health. People who anchor their health/fitness goals around the idea of contributing and supporting their tribe, tend to get the best results. Whether your tribe is your family, friends, employees, or people in your community, the goal is the same. When you are feeling your best, you produce the most value and can fully show up for those around you.

Simplify Your Health

We believe optimal health can be achieved through occasional fasting, eating nutrient dense food, moderate exercise, and effective supplements. Working out seven days a week, or only eating one type of food is too restrictive and not sustainable long term. Consistency wins out in the health game, so let’s dial in something you can continue to do for years, not just a 30 day challenge. Excellent Health can be achieved with a few workouts/week, eating whole foods, getting good sleep, and spending time with the people you care about. Get this right 80% of the time and the results will come.

Simplify Your Supplements

Most people should not be taking dozens of supplements everyday. You can get most of your daily nutrients from meats, fruits, and vegetables. Since most of us are not doing daily blood monitoring, there is no way to test if you are actually absorbing the nutrients listing on the label. The best way to measure if a supplement works for you, is to be honest about how you feel. When you take it, are you more focused? Are you seeing positive changes in energy levels, strength, body composition, sleep, and digestion? Our team and our customers are confident that Lift meets this bar of real results.

Occasional Fasting

Every year we see a new fad diets that tends to focus on the extreme ends of the food spectrum. From celery juice diet to carnivore, there’s always a new restrictive eating style that’s trending. Most of these diets proclaim some ancestral roots and claim that people have been eating this way for thousands of years. The truth is that people have eaten lots of different foods throughout time. For most of human history, eating was about survival, not hitting your macros. You can confidently say that a person living 2,000 years ago who stumbles upon a banana tree is going to eat the banana. That same human is going to eat a ton of meat if they kill a buffalo. At no point would an ancestral human skip over a meal because it doesn’t “align” with their strict eating habits. The only thing we can definitively say is that for the majority of history, humans did not have refrigeration and access to food on a continuous basis. We had periods of time where there was little to no food and fasting was required. Fat stored on the body is just backup energy stores for the times we don’t have food available. By fasting, you are training your body to run on fat stores, rather than the last meal. Sound difficult? It’s not. This fat burning system has been in place for thousands of years, so you body knows how to do it, you just have to turn it on. Do your research and decide if a form of fasting is right for you. Our suggestion is to start with small fasting windows and work your way up from there.

Founders Story – Kevin & Heather Young

Fasted Athlete was created by the husband-and-wife power couple Kevin and Heather Young in 2022. Kevin was catastrophe adjuster for over 10 years and during deployments was working 80-100 hours per week. He was over-worked, under-slept, and physically and mentally exhausted most days. He needed a supplement that provided the mental benefits of a nootropic, and the physical boost of a clean pre-workout. After trying tons of supplements, he found nothing worked. So he created a simple supplement from four of the most proven ingredients for mental and physical performance, and it was called Lift. At the same time, he started his lifestyle of intermittent fasting. Almost overnight he became leaner, stronger, more focused, more productive through the day, and slept great even during times of maximum stress. Ten years later, the dramatic positive change in his body composition, work productivity, and physical ability was undeniable. After Kevin and Heather met, they decided to join forces and build Fasted Athlete together. Heather had struggled with gut-health issues and believed that a pure, grass-fed colostrum would have a massive positive impact on her health. Now, Heather and Kevin are on a mission help as many people as possible by educating them on the benefits of fasting, moderate exercise, clean diet, and effective supplements.